Safety and Risk of Motorized Apollo Workstation

Pertaining to SKUs AE 0040-M, AE 0052-M, AE 0040-MB, AE 0052-MB

Safety Disclaimer

Our Motorized Workstations are powerful machines designed for use by adults in fully controlled and safe environments. As the purchaser/owner of the motorized workstation you are responsible for keeping the operator safe at all times.

Your motorized workstation has great capabilities but it is imperative that the operator is in control during the entire learning process and gives full attention at all times. Because it is impossible to anticipate every situation or condition which can occur while operating, INOVATIV, Inc., makes no representation about the safe use of the motorized workstation under all conditions. There are risks associated with the use of a motorized workstation which cannot be predicted or avoided, and which are the sole responsibility of the operator.

Battery Use Risk

Improper use, care, or charging of a lithium Ion battery could cause serious injury to the product, property, or persons. If the battery is tampered with or damaged in any way, do not use the product and find a hazardous waste removal center immediately.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain safe storage and treatment of the battery at all times. Only use the charger that came with your product. Try to keep your device out of extremely high or low temperature locations. Do not place the battery in direct sunshine, or store the battery inside cars in significant hot or cold weather. 

Do not expose the battery to water or allow the battery to get wet. Do not continue charging the battery if it does not recharge within the specified charging time. Doing so may cause the battery to become hot, explode, or ignite. Do not use your device if you notice any damage to the battery. If you suspect damage to the battery, email our support or dispose of the battery and order a replacement. Do not disassemble or modify the battery in any way. Modifying the electronics significantly increases the risk of explosion.